Introducing Opill®

The first ever daily birth control pill available over the counter in the US is coming soon.

Opill norgestrel tablets 0.075 milligram daily oral contraceptive package

No prescription.
No appointment.
No hassle.

Contraception should always be on your terms. With Opill®, you’re in control of your choices, your contraception and your future.


Opill® will be available over the counter, online and at your favorite retailers — no doctor's appointment or prescription needed.


Progestin-only pills like Opill® have been considered a safe method of contraception for nearly 50 years. Opill® is generally well tolerated.


Opill® is full prescription-strength and is 98% effective, when used as directed.

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Is Opill® right for me?

Opill® can be taken by most* women and people who can get pregnant, and will be available nationwide.

*If you currently have or have previously had breast cancer, you should not take Opill®. Use as directed.

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*Grindlay, Kate, and Daniel Grossman. “Prescription Birth Control Access Among U.S. Women at Risk of Unintended Pregnancy.” Journal of Women's Health (2002) vol. 25,3 (2016): 249-54.  doi:10.1089/jwh.2015.5312