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Say goodbye to waiting for doctor's appointments or needing a prescription. Opill is the first and only FDA-approved daily oral contraceptive for over the counter (OTC) use, adding convenience and increasing accessibility for those who need it most.
No more worrying about running out of birth control or forgetting to pick up a new pack. Get a 6-month supply of Opill delivered straight to your door so you always have your next pack on hand.
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How to use Opill

Just swallow one pill at the same time every day.

Setting reminders and signing up for a subscription are good ways to make sure you don’t miss a pill.

You can start Opill on any day of your cycle.* If you’re switching from another oral contraceptive, vaginal ring or patch, start taking Opill the day after you stop the other method.*

And just a reminder — like other birth control pills, Opill doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

*Read all label information and use as directed

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